The firm founded by Dominique Bompoint stands for an original proposition in business law: to provide clients willing to establish with their lawyers a personalized, durable and trust-based relationship, with the reactivity, work ethic, ability to anticipate and to make accurate judgment calls acquired in the practice of large mergers and acquisitions and litigation related thereto.

Being able to easily initiate a work relationship as a result of the above allows a client to involve his lawyer well before key decisions are made, when the client’s interests can be best taken into account. The lawyer continues to provide his assistance throughout the end of the matter at hand even if the lawyer’s scope of work has to change – for example when an acquisition evolves into litigation or, to the contrary, when setting up a corporate transaction helps settling a litigation.

The trust-based relationship sought through this approach has led to use, as a matter of principle, a flat-fee based proposition, allowing the client to have a perfect knowledge of the financial commitment made towards his lawyer.

The firm’s client base is both French and international, mainly consisting of industrial groups, banks or investment funds; publicly or privately held companies, governmental entities or representatives of family interests.